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WORK = PLAY! is brought to you by Serbin Creative, the leader in the international illustration market. We know how to put your work in front of the art buyers, art directors and other creative decision-makers who actively hire artists all year long. More commercial illustrators, toy/game illustrators and medical illustrators depend on Serbin Creative to help them with their marketing than any other company in the industry.

PLAY! Illustration for Toys & Interactive Games showcases professional artists and design firms with experience in the TOY and GAME industries. These two interrelated markets have a specific and growing need for unique and original artwork.

Artist skills include illustration, 3D, modeling, animation, storyboarding, character development, concept art and package design.

All artist portfolios are reviewed prior to acceptance on the site to ensure a professional level of talent that is applicable to the market.

Once an artist is accepted, PLAY! membership is just $25 per month, which includes a 20-image on-line portfolio. PLAY! members can also easily post their resumé, biographical information, featured project, direct url and an RSS feed to their blog. Additional image packages and group rates for artist rep groups are available. Hit the SUBMIT link below to send an inquiry, or contact for more information.


The TOY MARKET is a $22-billion industry. With over 3 billion playthings sold worldwide each year it fuels a constant demand for product, packaging illustration and storyboard art. The industry releases new lines twice a year (fall and spring), and all of these products require custom artwork.

Global sales of VIDEO GAMES reached $66 billion in 2010 and the market continues to explode. Sales are expected to hit $81 billion by 2016. American consumers spend more time playing video games than watching videos, DVDs and listening to music. Interactive games are the entertainment choice of the 21st century.

The creative departments involved in the toy and interactive game markets hire custom illustrators to support all phases of product development and packaging—from initial character development and storyboard presentations to rough product presentations and final art. This need is global in scope.


National and International promotion covers the creative communities in the following markets:

We reach art buyers, art directors and other creatives in these markets in a variety of ways, including an extensive international e-mail marketing program, exposure through PLAY! International Art Competitions, print and web promotion via Serbin Creative’ family of worldwide illustration resources, and distribution of the quarterly Illustration Voice newsletter.


Contact for more information. Or phone Serbin Creative at 800-876-6425 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 805-963-0439 (international calls).

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Once your work is accepted, PLAY! membership is just $25 per month, which includes a 20-image on-line portfolio, featured project, direct url and an RSS feed to your blog.

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