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John Hogan

United Kingdom

Phone: 07472789801

Artist's Website

Style / Techniques
2D •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration

Character Development •  Game Development  •  Interface Design •  Package Design •  Packaging Illustration •  Point of Sale •  Print •  Product Design •  Product Development •  Product Illustration

Animals •  Cartoon •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design

Action Figures •  Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  Plush •  Puzzles •  Toys

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Adults

illustration of Hand-Drawn, Illustration, Character Development, Package Design, Packaging Illustration, Print, Product Design, Product Illustration, Cartoon, Humorous, Activities/Crafts, Boys, Girls, School Age, Teens illustration of Billy the frog character design illustration of rats, man, boy, humour, humorous, animal, animals, food, fast food, clever, fantasy, weather, rain, raining, illustration of childrens illustration, illustration, anthropomorphic, frog, animal, exterior, walking, movement, action, whimsical,
illustration of Fantasy, dragon, dragons, children,flying, fly, children, children's illustration, weapon, weapons, fight,fighting, illustration of Hand-Drawn, Illustration, Package Design, Packaging Illustration, Print, Product Illustration, Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Activities/Crafts, Board Games, Puzzles, Toys, Boys, Girls, Early Childhood, School Age illustration of Dogs, dog, fox, children's illustration, whimsical, exterior, game, anthropomorphism, animals, team, illustration of monster, creature, family, fun, humour, cartoon, motion, children, children's illustration
illustration of creature, motion, idea, fantasy, boy, landscape, illustration of Monkey, chimp, boy, police, mischief, action, sun, sunlight, children's illustration, illustration of post, post man, monster, friendly, kids, children's illustration, fright, frightened scared, girl, mother, house, illustration of girl, little girl, bike, bicycle, ride, riding, motion, speed, humour, education, exterior, whimsical,
illustration of monsters, monster, creature, creatures, fantasy, busy, packed, exterior, monster design, boy, illustration of humour, animals, cat, cats, frog, frogs, man, woman, boy, girl, high point of view, depth of field, characters, falling, illustration of girl. little girl, dance, dancing, stage, clapping, applause, happy, humour, illustration of animals, fun, humour, race, nursery rhyme, chicken, hare, turtle, children's illustration,
illustration of monsters, family, zoo, animals, zoo animals, happy, humour, illustration of girl, horse, exterior, grass, happy, pony, children's illustration,little girl, riding, riding horse, illustration of weather, wind, gail, family, cold, humour, dog, floating, leaves, fall, autumn, bad weather, illustration of father, dad, boy, boat, sailing, sea, seaside, gulls, sand, beach, wind, motion, children's illustration,
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