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Brian Allen

Phone: 8145716141

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Style / Techniques
2D •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration

Advertising •  Branding •  Character Development •  Concept Art •  Game Development  •  Package Design •  Print •  Product Design •  Product Illustration

Animals •  Cartoon •  Horror •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Logos •  Realistic •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design

Video Games

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Mature 17+ •  Adults

illustration of Trippy psychedelic and colorful illustration of an evil tiki mask with mushrooms growing out of his brain and visions of faraway places swirling in the background. 
illustration of Fantastical illustration of a vicious green robot zombie with laser eyes and metal parts roaring on a frisbee. illustration of The Award-Winning marketing agency McCann of New York hired me to reinterpret the iconic Auburn and Georgia mascots in my own style for graphics that wrapped a massive Chick-fil-A pop-up restaurant on the Georgia/Alabama state line. illustration of Stylized angry mutant Mahi-Mahi fish I created for an apparel graphics company leaping from the water.
This was the first time I explored drawing fish in a more crazy creepy style, rather than realistic, and I love it.
illustration of Samurai I illustrated for a wrestling singlet sold by Titan Fitness.  I thought it would be cool to draw the armor pads of the Samurai onto the thighs of the wrestler wearing the singlet.  Really happy with this - I definitely want to draw more Samurai artwork. illustration of Fun parody of the characters from the Flintstones cartoon show packed into Fred’s vehicle, ready to go to war!
illustration of Wrestling singlet I illustrated of a warrior viking clutching a sword and shield in front of a raging ocean.
The design was set up for full color direct-to-garment printing, and designed to cover the entire garment with sweet, sweet viking detail.
illustration of Illustrated zombie heads I created for a repeatable tile pattern for photoshop.  
I illustrated each zombie head with a lot of character and menacing horror with a bit of humor, colored in retro zombie green.  I designed the pattern for use primarily on apparel, but it can be used for a lot of other products.  I also plan on creating a sticker set with these.
illustration of This is a patriotic design in which I have an American Eagle caring the American Flag in his talons. illustration of This Darth Vader illustration I did for fun. illustration of Cool illustration of a tribal paleolithic warrior fighting sabretooth tigers and wool mammoths in times of old. He features torn pelt clothing, a long unruly beard, and draws a bow and arrow back in fighting stance. illustration of Apparel design I illustrated for the Gothic apparel brand Spiral Direct with plenty of skulls, roses, and a sweet heavy metal axe guitar.
The design was set up for full-color printing, front and back, and will be available in their catalogs soon.
illustration of This was created for an official Rick and Morty design contest, and the design won third place!  The shirt will be available for sale in the official Rick and Morty outlets.  I'm super-thrilled to have my artwork hand-picked by the creators of one of my favorite shows.  In addition to the prize money, I'll also be getting a sweet Rick and Morty comic book autographed by the creators! illustration of Angry Tiki head illustration I created for use in a beach resort themed repeatable pattern to be used in Photoshop for apparel.
I hand-drew each of the tiki heads separately, and colored them in Manga Studio, before arranging the repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator.  I created this for my own use on apparel and other products I’m hoping to sell.
illustration of T-Shirt template I created of a young girl mermaid in a colorful underwater scene, available for licensing. illustration of The nice folks at Scholastic hired me to draw concept illustrations for characters in a redesign of an educational app called Sushi Monster, in which kids solve math problems with a friendly but terrifying sushi chef.  I explored a lot of different character sizes, shapes, and attitudes.
illustration of  The character designs will be used to illustrate their educational materials and lessons.  Each year the team uses a different theme and concept to tie their lessons together.  I really enjoyed the whole process, from developing the characters in sketches, to coloring and rendering the final versions.  I tried to add a bit of style into the characters to keep them from becoming generic.  I especially enjoyed creating the robot character. illustration of Zombie soldiers facing off in this logo design I did for a major paintball tournament in Europe.
I love working on logos like this that are created primarily for the web and full-color printing, because I can just go nuts with shading and colors.
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