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Paul Morton

4 Moorland Avenue
United Kingdom

Phone: 00 44 (0)7949 718466

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Style / Techniques
2D •  3D •  CGI •  Cinematics •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration •  Matte Painting •  Modeling •  Photomanipulation •  Storyboard •  Textures

Advertising •  Background Art •  Branding •  Character Development •  Concept Art •  Environments •  Game Development  •  Package Design •  Packaging Illustration •  Point of Sale •  Product Design •  Product Development •  Product Illustration

Animals •  Architecture •  Cartoon •  Conceptual •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Logos •  Photorealistic •  Realistic •  Creature Design

Action Figures •  Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  Dolls •  DVD's •  Party Favors •  Plush •  Premiums •  Puzzles •  Toys •  Websites

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens

illustration of Part of a set of magnetic cut-out pirates and scenery. illustration of further details from Pirates magnetic playset. illustration of CD cover and inserts for car-ride songs for children.
Published by Somerset Entertainment. illustration of Design and illustration for the board game Hotel Las Vegas. Includes box and cover, gameboard, cards, money and all the 3d cut-out and assemble hotel models.
illustration of Game cover for the boxed game Tumba. illustration of Boxed game cover artwork for Pop-Up Pirate Treasure Island. illustration of Variation on the popular pirate game. This time the boxed game cover artwork is for Pop-Up Pirate Electronic version. illustration of Boxed game cover, sides and board game itself illustrated or Forrest-Pruzan's game - Discovery Garden.
illustration of Wooooaaaaa! It's Frog Tennis, illustrated and artworked game box and all inner materials. illustration of Game box cover artworked for Four in a Row - Puppies & Kittens edition. illustration of Game box artwork for the frenzied game Feeding Froggies. illustration of Game box cover artwork for Wok n Roll.
illustration of Game box illustration and all inner artwork for the game Pig Tails. illustration of Game box illustration and character creation for the game Monkeying Around. illustration of Rodney Rabbit character created and illustrated for the children's magicians Razamatazz Magic. illustration of One of a set of 12 magic characters created and illustrated for the children's magicians Razamatazz Magic.
illustration of One of 3 cool Panda characters created for the children's soft drink range - Panda Pops. illustration of Another character created as part of a set of children's magic routine. illustration of Bob the Builder illustration created for Egmont Publishing. illustration of Magic Clown character.
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