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Linda Bild

Phone: 319-333-8315

Style / Techniques
2D •  Animation •  CGI •  Comps •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration •  Matte Painting •  Textures •  Visual Effects

Advertising •  Background Art •  Branding •  Concept Art •  Environments •  Game Development  •  Interface Design •  Packaging Illustration •  Product Illustration

Animals •  Cartoon •  Conceptual •  Horror •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Logos •  Realistic •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  DVD's •  Interactive •  Puzzles •  Toys •  Video Games

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  Early Childhood •  School Age

illustration of Opening Page of: illustration of Interactive game in which child selects one of the animals to place silly patterns and fur on. One of the selections is the correct fur or feathers for animal selected. When proper skin or feathers is selected a funny sounding voice tells child correct one has been selected. illustration of This interactive game challenges the child's adding, subtracting, counting skills along with color recognition and spelling. illustration of This interactive activity involves a maze which brings great delight to the child, due to whimsical sounds, noises, bells, beeps and whistles. In this activity, the child moves and clicks on the curser to move Ferdinand, the duck, through the maze to the clock.
illustration of 2D, Comps, Hand-Drawn, Illustration, Matte Painting, Advertising, Branding, Concept Art, Packaging Illustration, Animals, Cartoon, Horror, Humorous, Logos illustration of This is a game which appears to the child in black and white. The child selects from each item shown in the left and finds and clicks corresponding item in the picture. When selected the items changes to a color. After all of the items have been correctly selected, the entire picture changes to color shown. A black and white print-out is available for the child to color as he or she prefers. illustration of This is the interface for the finding and matching game. After entering this area, the map over the boat rolls down giving the child directions on using this site. Each buoy dissolves into  a different matching game for the child to use illustration of Interior Illustration for paging of:
illustration of Interior Illustration for paging of:
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