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Southern California,
United States

Phone: (949)429.3055

Artist's Website

Style / Techniques
2D •  3D •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration

Branding •  Broadcast •  Game Development  •  Package Design •  Packaging Illustration •  Print •  Product Design •  Product Illustration

Cartoon •  Comics •  Humorous •  Lettering •  Licensed Characters •  Logos •  Creature Design

Action Figures •  Robots •  Toys

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Early Childhood •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Mature 17+ •  Adults

illustration of Skate Freaks logo/branding for Hot Wheels skate figure toy line. Because of our vast experience in the action sports world and marketing knowledge, we were contacted to provide a core skate look and feel with a consumer/mom friendly appeal. illustration of Tattoo style artwork for global licensing of Family Guy. illustration of Tattoo style artwork for Family Guy global licensing. illustration of 50's hot rod style for Family Guy global style guide.
illustration of Selections from over 50+ designs for The Simpsons global style guide since 2001. illustration of Cover of Mattel Hot Wheels global style guide. Over 200 designs, patterns, logos, product graphics, product design and artwork. illustration of  2007 Hot Wheels Global Style Guide. Over 75 logos, graphics, patterns, product designs, copyrwriting, product graphics and illustrations. illustration of Hot Wheels Global Style Guide. Over 100 logos, graphics, patterns, product designs, product graphics and illustrations.
illustration of We needed a name for a section of a Hot Wheels Style Guide. The theme was hot rod/60's/70's era character designs/logos done in a modern way. So we invented the name illustration of 3D, Illustration, Package Design, Packaging Illustration, Print, Product Illustration, Humorous, Lettering, Logos, Action Figures, Toys, Boys, Early Childhood, School Age illustration of We were asked to redesign the El Matador monster truck for Mattel's Monster Jam toy line. The only direction given was flames and a bull. We designed and came up with lettering/logo, bull head, flames & colorway. illustration of Game logo for Hasbro.
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