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Jason Robinson

Illustration By Design
2960 SW 22nd Avenue, #804
Delray Beach, FL 33445-7850
United States

Phone: (561) 330-8518
Fax: (561) 330-8518

Artist's Website

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Style / Techniques
Hand-Drawn •  Illustration

Advertising •  Branding •  Character Development •  Package Design •  Packaging Illustration

Animals •  Cartoon •  Comics •  Conceptual •  Horror •  Humorous •  Licensed Characters •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design •  Graphic Novel

Action Figures •  Activities/Crafts •  Board Games •  Dolls •  DVD's •  Toys •  Video Games

Gender / Age Group

illustration of DC Comics superhero Superman, rushing to save the day! illustration of DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman illustration of A take on the classic comic book query: Who's faster... Superman or The Flash? illustration of Cover art/design for WEBROOT's
illustration of Children's greeting card illustration, for Peaceable Kingdom, created and designed in 3-D for use with 3-D glasses illustration of Chibi/child version of Marvel comic book character, Storm illustration of Promotional illustration for ThunderPowered Solutions, a provider of hardware and software for digital creatives illustration of John Clayton II, Viscount Greystoke — better known as Tarzan of the Apes — on the prowl
illustration of Drawing of the 1960s version of Sue Storm, the illustration of Anime characters Naruto and Goku engaging in a friendly sparring match illustration of DC Comics' character, Supergirl, saving the day! illustration of DC Comics' Batman, teaching some snow ninjas a lesson in manners
illustration of Marvel Comics' thunder god Thor fighting The Incredible Hulk! illustration of Land Rover promotional poster for an annual mud-racing event that the automotive company holds for its customers illustration of Commissioned artwork for private client depicting DC Comics superhero Nightwing fighting crime with the client's son as Robin illustration of Premiere issue cover art for humor publication
illustration of ...Underdog is HERE! illustration of Variant cover art for SECRET COMICS PRESENTS, a horror anthology comic book illustration of Mash-up illustration of comic strip characters Calvin & Hobbes as He-Man and Battlecat illustration of How superheroes spend their off hours... in-between stopping bank robberies and world domination
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