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Syeda Illustration / Penguinsbite

52 Canon Street
United Kingdom

Phone: (+44)7999466178

Artist's Website

Facebook Twitter

Style / Techniques
2D •  Hand-Drawn •  Illustration •  Storyboard

Character Development •  Concept Art •  Game Development

Cartoon •  Comics •  Conceptual •  Sci-Fi / Fantasy •  Creature Design •  Graphic Novel

Interactive •  Mobile •  Video Games

Gender / Age Group
Boys •  Girls •  School Age •  Tweens •  Teens •  Mature 17+ •  Adults

illustration of Worked on some illustration of non-comformative Hijabis. This one in particular is inspired by Djinn (Djinni / Genies) that are from Muslim and Middle Eastern Folklore. The concept came from a conversation with some other muslim illustrators on Twitter where we talked about fantasy characters that didn't conform to western narratives.

Conceptual, Digital, Line with Color, Anime, Character Development, Children, Fantasy, Fashion/Cosmetics, Religious, Ethnic illustration of Illustration of a south asian brown student in mid conversation while in school hall ways. Specifically Highschool. Digital illustration.

Cartoon, Digital, Anime, Character Development, Editorial, People, Portrait, Feminine, Youth, Ethnic illustration of Syeda was challenged to come up with a super-hero design of a character based on djinn from Arabic / Islamic Culture and folklore. From that this design of a character that is literally made from cold blue flame magic came into fruition.

Digital, Stylized, Anime, Action, Character Development, Comic Book, Fantasy, Religious, Ethnic, Edgy illustration of A set of 6 expressions for a character in a comic series. Expression sheet includes: Happy Angry Excited Anxious Sad Mournful

Cartoon, Conceptual, Digital, Concept Art, Anime, Character Development, Children, Children's Books, Fantasy, Ethnic
illustration of A somewhat conceptual piece was made to introduce two characters that are planned to be in a comic about users of the black market both online and offline.

Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Anime, Action, Character Development, Editorial, Fashion/Cosmetics, Web Illustration, Ethnic illustration of A dark-skinned design for the God of the Seas from Greek Mythology (Poseidon) with long hair. He has tentacle tattoos and a green geometric graphic background.

Cartoon, Digital, Stylized, Anime, Character Development, Fantasy, Historical, Web Illustration, Ethnic, Edgy illustration of The two brothers from the Greek Mythology; Gods of Death and Sleep (Thanatos and Hypnos). A dark-skinned Thanatos with crystal tears carrying a scythe and wearing a shirt with a skeleton on it, whilst is brother is sleeping. Pastel Purple geometric graphic background.

Cartoon, Digital, Graphic, Stylized, Anime, Character Development, Family, Historical, Web Illustration, Ethnic illustration of Syeda produced this image specifically to be made into stickers and that is why there is a 'floating' aspect to it. However, the image lends itself well as a spot illustration for a children's book. The character himself is a POC or ethnic person wearing harsh biker style clothes but has soft pastel gradient coloured hair and eyes with a perpetual expression of sadness / tiredness.
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