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Cedrick Bailey

Portsmouth, VA 23702
United States

Phone: 7573551894

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Image Title: • Creation Duration

Image Author: • CJB DrewSky

Image Description: • I made this character in multiple concept designs. These chapters of this character are (beast design) that relates to free mind/spirit, youthful or playful, and open that took on a superhero vibe. This character main influence is an mash of my concept of a mascots.#3dconcept #3drendering #3drender #3drig #3dcharacter #3drigs #3dhero #3dmodeling #3drigging #abstract #fantasy #3dconceptdesign #3dcharacterdesign #3dpose #maya

Keywords: • 3D, CGI, Character Development, Cartoon, Comics, Creature Design, Action Figures, Video Games


©CJB DrewSky
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